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I have been coaching my whole life. It showed as  curiosity as a classroom teacher, knowledge as a co-author of a mathematics series, leadership in the Cabbage Town Festival. As a camp counselor, real estate broker, massage practitioner, I made personal connections so others could express themselves. The activity changed but the essence of my interaction remained one of COACH.

I am skilled at coaching in several modalities.

  1. Life Coaching (CTI) We are there for YOU right to the finish line: someone to bounce your ideas against; tell your deepest fears; create a workable plan. Hiring a LIFE COACH may be worth considering. read more >>

  1. Sexological Bodywork  I am a somatic coach. I coach people thru touch, verbal reinforcement, teaching skills sets to access their own body.

  1. Conscious Breathing  Feel your body, your emotions and express joy and peace by accessing the power of the breath.

I am a facilitator, an elder, a cheerleader, a listener. I have ears to hear you. I have a voice to ask the hard questions. I have intuition to suggest other perspectives. My goal is for you to dance in your magnificence. To be the best. To be happy.  To find the inner strength. TO BE.


with Paul Barber

Welcome to the balance and power that coaching can
bring to your life.      

It’s all about YOU!

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